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Appearances are deceptiveAccidents will happenBusiness before pleasureIgnorance of the law is no excusePatience is a virtueSilence is goldenExperience is the best teacherTime fliesThings will get worse before they get betterPeace is not the absence of war; it is the presence of GodWhatever unites the honest people is much more important than what tears them apartThe broken pieces of a golden rock are also golden There is no worse illness than that of a cold heartA prayer is mightier than royalty One can live without joy, but one can’t live without hopes or wishesWhen someone is great does not hesitate to confess the moments he feels petty2Sometimes a smile is the turning that brings you to a level areaThe most precious treasure is knowledge, for it cannot be stolen, cannot be rejected, cannot be undermined or inheritedIt is much easier to shoot a bird than to imitate its melodyThe world praises success, while God trialA sudden mishap that struck you is preferable than the one you had been waiting for; likewise, the happiness that you await is preferable that the one that has already come your wayExcuses convince only those who say themIt is wonderful for a person to be able to speak many languages, but even more important to be able to restrain the one provided forWords without actions seem like clouds without rain; they may create lightning and thunder, but the soil remains as dry as ever

( Collection / translation and explanations by IRENE DOURA – KAVADIA )

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