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Heart-breaking cries violently tore up

The unbearable silence

The senses suddenly deadened

And everyone’s heart broke up

To jigsaw pieces of a hideous past

At the unprovoked blast

Sirens of sorrow took control

The sweet voices stopped echoing

In the schoolyards - no noise at all

And from the trees all fruits fell

The branches bent down dead

As rage reared suddenly its ugly head.

Even teardrops turned to stone

When finally the eyes shut

Forever cold, eternally alone

As holy soil covered them up

Ash to ash, dust to dust.

The flowers gave out for the last time

Their precious scent to the source of life

Promising never again to feel alive

Since their pure love had been betrayed

And a black dawn rushed out bearing blood and pain

All over scarlet clouds and weeping rain,

the sun shone stiff, cold and still -

suddenly it all seemed an unbearable shame

Whenever a child searched for love in vain

Whenever a kid got abused and whipped

or utterly worse – even wretchedly –

got lost or indifferently killed…

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